The production of monuments is very important not only for the preservation of history, but also for the maintenance of people’s memory. Monuments created by Akrolita UAB are made of various stones and each monument is unique in its design.

Our monument manufacturing services are highly flexible and customized, allowing us to offer a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit the client’s preferences and needs. We can create simple, classic monuments as well as custom-made monuments that reflect the individuality and uniqueness of the client.


We can create monuments not only for one deceased, but also for two or more people. We can offer a variety of memorials for families, friends or colleagues. In addition, we can produce specially designed monuments based on a customer’s sketch that reflect a certain historical or personal context.

We use high-quality granite for the production of monuments, which is durable, resistant to time and environmental factors and easy to maintain. We can offer a variety of granite colors, from white to black, as well as other colors, depending on the customer’s preferences and needs.

Our monument production specialists are experienced and professional, so we guarantee high production quality and accuracy. All memorials are made according to the wishes and needs of the client, to ensure that they are a great and long-lasting memory of their deceased loved ones.

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The production of monuments is an eternal art that is constantly evolving and improving. Modern technologies and new materials provide more opportunities to create innovative and impressive monuments that were impossible to create before. However, despite all the innovations, the classical techniques and styles of monument production remain the most important and valued.

Each monument has its own unique advantage and characteristics. Their beauty and significance become even more visible through the layers of the past. The production of monuments is a responsible and important work that requires not only technical skills, but also respect for history, culture and people’s memories.

Monuments are a constant companion of human life, which bear witness to past events and the memory of them. Monuments can be built for different reasons: to commemorate famous people, to commemorate important dates or simply to decorate a space. The production of monuments is an eternal art that requires not only technical competence but also creativity.


Own warehouse

Own warehouse of natural stone. Wide choose. Direct deliveries from manufacturers, without intermediaries!

High performance

Own production equipment: a factory with 27 years of experience in natural and artificial stone.

Full working cycle

We carry out a full cycle of natural stone processing – from stone selection to installation and maintenance.


Functional and decorative interior and exterior products and details made of various types of natural stone will serve for more than one decade, maintaining their unique beauty and physical properties.

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Akmens gaminiai_atlikti darbai