Stone candle holders and lanterns are excellent decorative and practical details that can provide naturalness and elegance to both interiors and exteriors.

UAB “Akrolita” offers a wide range of stone decorative elements made from high-quality and durable natural and artificial stone materials. The company also offers custom design services to create unique and personalized decorative elements that will add warmth and comfort to your home.

The production of stone candle holders is a unique and artistic field that can be delicately realized as interior decor or as a gift. Stone candle holders can be made from various types of stone, including granite, marble, quartz, or artificial stone. Depending on the production technology and the type of stone used, candle holders of various shapes and sizes can be created.

Production costs may vary depending on the type and quantity of stone used and the complexity of the product. Stone candle holders are durable, moisture-resistant, and can serve for many years, while their elegant design adds warmth and exclusivity to your home or office. So, if you are looking for unique and high-quality interior elements, stone candle holders are an excellent choice.

Thanks to our professional team, we can take care of the entire production process – from material selection to product assembly. We always aim to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the end result and enjoy a long-lasting and stylish stone form in their homes or offices.

We have extensive experience in stone processing and can offer solutions tailored to your needs and expectations. We provide advice on how to properly care for our products and maintain their ideal appearance over time. If you need stone candle holders and lanterns, please contact us, and we will provide you with the best solution at a suitable price.


Own warehouse

Own warehouse of natural stone. Wide choose. Direct deliveries from manufacturers, without intermediaries!

High performance

Own production equipment: a factory with 27 years of experience in natural and artificial stone.

Full working cycle

We carry out a full cycle of natural stone processing – from stone selection to installation and maintenance.


Functional and decorative interior and exterior products and details made of various types of natural stone will serve for more than one decade, maintaining their unique beauty and physical properties.

Akmeniniai stalviršiai virtuvei Akrolita