UAB “Akrolita” offers professional monument restoration services, following the traditions of old masters and using only high-quality materials. Our craftsmen are experts in monument restoration.

Monument restoration restores the original appearance of the stone, which may have changed over time. It is essential to have specialized knowledge and skills when restoring a monument, as improper work can further damage the old stone and ruin its structure.

The restoration process begins with cleaning, removing old paint, and performing more detailed restoration work if the monument is damaged. After restoration, the monument is covered with a special primer to ensure a long-lasting and high-quality protective layer, protecting the stone from environmental damage and highlighting decorative paint details.

When restoring a monument, special attention is paid to details such as restoring hand-carved ornaments or engraving work. We are experts in restoring every detail. Therefore, if your old monument has lost its aesthetic appearance, do not hesitate to contact us. We will perform professional monument restoration work that will restore the monument’s original appearance.

We perform our work quickly and efficiently. If necessary, we can remove not only tombstones but also other elements such as foundations, fences, tables, benches, and more. After the work is completed, we collect and remove debris, or if you prefer, we can transport the slab pieces to any location you specify. Our services are of high quality, and our prices are competitive. Additionally, we also offer you to familiarize yourself with the full list of services we provide.

What is the cost of monument restoration?

Please call us or send us a photo of the current monument, measurements, and we will then calculate the cost of the work required.

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Own warehouse

Own warehouse of natural stone. Wide choose. Direct deliveries from manufacturers, without intermediaries!

High performance

Own production equipment: a factory with 27 years of experience in natural and artificial stone.

Full working cycle

We carry out a full cycle of natural stone processing – from stone selection to installation and maintenance.


Functional and decorative interior and exterior products and details made of various types of natural stone will serve for more than one decade, maintaining their unique beauty and physical properties.

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