At home or in the garden, natural stones such as granite or marble are often used. However, when stone products such as tabletops, stair treads, thresholds, or flooring are not properly maintained, they become damaged. Natural stone impregnation is a balanced solution that increases its longevity, eases maintenance, and preserves its natural beauty.

Stone impregnation is a necessary process that ensures the longevity and appearance of stone. The impregnation process helps to protect the stone surface from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that can damage its appearance and structure. We provide stone impregnation services and use only high-quality products to ensure the best protection and long-lasting results.

Impregnating a stone tabletop protects it from the effects of water, oils, acids, and other substances that can damage the stone or leave stains and scratches. Impregnation ensures that such substances do not penetrate the stone, keeping its surface clean, durable, and beautiful.

Impregnated stone is easier to clean and maintain because it attracts less dust and dirt, and their removal is simpler and more effective. In addition, impregnation can help protect natural stone flooring from frequent grinding or polishing, which can damage the stone and reduce its resistance.

We offer professional impregnation services that will help you maintain your natural stone products beautiful, safe, and long-lasting. We can also provide advice on how to properly care for impregnated stone. If you need stone impregnation services, contact us, and we will find the best solution for you.


Own warehouse

Own warehouse of natural stone. Wide choose. Direct deliveries from manufacturers, without intermediaries!

High performance

Own production equipment: a factory with 27 years of experience in natural and artificial stone.

Full working cycle

We carry out a full cycle of natural stone processing – from stone selection to installation and maintenance.


Functional and decorative interior and exterior products and details made of various types of natural stone will serve for more than one decade, maintaining their unique beauty and physical properties.

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