1.1 UAB Akrolita (the Company) protects and respects the privacy of website users (“Persons”).
1.2 This Privacy Policy, together with the documents set out in this Policy, sets out the basis on which the Company collects, processes and stores personal data collected about Individuals or provided to the Company by Individuals (the “Policy”). Individuals are requested to read this Policy carefully in order to properly understand the Company’s approach and practices regarding Personal Data and how such data will be processed.
1.3 Individuals are deemed to be familiar with this Policy by completing the registration forms.
2.1 The Company may collect and process the following information about Individuals:
a) the information that the Persons provide when filling in the registration forms on this website, at (https://akrolita.lt/): name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address of the person;
b) all correspondence between the Individuals and the Company (both on the Website and by e-mail);
c) data on the browsing history of the Individuals on the Website and related data;
d) IP addresses of individuals
2.2 Personal data shall be collected and processed only in the cases provided for in Paragraph 4 of the Policy for the purposes provided for in Paragraph 6.
2.3 The data of the persons who submitted the request in the form specified on the Website shall be stored for 3 (three) years from the last action performed by the Person (sending the request, reply, etc.).
3.1 The Company uses cookies on this website for statistical and marketing purposes in order to improve the quality of your browsing. More detailed information about the cookies used and the purposes of their use is provided
4.1 Personal data may be processed if:
a) The Person, using the Company’s Website and / or the services provided by the Company, provides the Company with information about himself / herself (except for data processing activities that require the separate consent of the Person’s subject);
b) The person gives consent;
c) concluding or executing a contract with the Company, when one of the parties is a Person;
d) the purpose is to protect the essential interests of the Person;
e) they must be processed for the legitimate interest of the Company or of a third party to whom the Personal Data is disclosed and if the interests of the Person are not overriding.
5.1 If the Company has doubts about the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by the Person, the Company has the right to suspend the processing of this Personal Data, check and correct this data.
5.2 From the moment of receiving the data, your personal data (personal name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address) is protected against loss, unauthorized use or unauthorized alteration of this data. The Company applies extremely strict Personal Data Protection Procedures and technical and organizational measures to ensure protection against unauthorized access to Personal Data.
6.1 The Company uses Personal Data in order to:
(a) ensure that the content of the Website is presented in the most efficient and appropriate manner for Individuals;
(b) provide the Persons with information or services which the Persons request or which may be of interest to the Persons, provided that the Persons have given their consent to be informed for this purpose;
c) Individuals would be informed about changes in the services provided by the Company.
6.2 The Company may send to persons who have provided their contact details at the time of sale of services by electronic means (e-mail) information related to services similar to those for which contact details were received at the time of sale. In case the Person does not want to receive such offers, he may inform the Company about the rejection of such offers by e-mail info@akrolita.lt or by clicking on the relevant link in any notice of tenders already sent to the Person.
6.3 To the persons who have not provided their contact data services at the time of sale, the offers of the Company and its Partners will be sent by electronic means only if the Persons have expressly consented to such processing of their data.
6.4 The Company also uses the contact details of the Purchasers for market research purposes in order to assess the satisfaction of the Company’s customers with the Company’s operations and, accordingly, to improve the quality of the Company’s operations. Replies to messages sent for this purpose are anonymous. If the Person does not wish to receive such notifications, he may inform the Company of the refusal of such notifications by e-mail info@akrolita.lt or by clicking on the appropriate link in any message already sent to the Person.
7.1 Personal data may be disclosed to third parties when such transfer or sharing of Personal Data is necessary to comply with legal requirements or the application or performance of all other agreements and arrangements, as well as to ensure the rights, property and security of the Company, its customers and other persons.
8.1 Individuals have the right to apply to the Company and refuse to process their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing and marketing research. The Company informs Individuals (before collecting data) about their possible use for direct marketing purposes or their possible disclosure to third parties.
8.2 In order to exercise his right to waive the processing of his data for the purposes of direct marketing or marketing research, the Person must tick / uncheck the appropriate boxes on the various forms or select the appropriate link in the direct marketing proposals or marketing research messages sent, as appropriate. Individuals may also contact the Company by email info@akrolita.lt and notify of your waiver.
8.3 Persons have the right to:
(a) be informed of the processing of their data;
b) upon request to the Company, by e-mail address info@akrolita.lt to receive information from which sources and what personal data have been collected, for what purpose they are processed, to which data recipients they are provided and have been provided during the last 1 (one) year. The Information shall be provided to the Persons at the e-mail addresses indicated by them not later than within 30 (thirty) days from the date of the Persons’ request to provide such data. The Company shall provide such data to the Person 1 (one) time per calendar year free of charge;
(c) upon request, request the correction of incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate Personal Data and / or suspend the processing of such personal data, except for storage, if the Person finds that his / her personal data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate or is being processed unlawfully and fraudulently. The Company shall immediately notify the Person of the rectification, destruction or suspension of personal data processing operations performed or not performed at the request of the Person.
8.4 The Company’s website may contain links to and from the websites of Partners, advertising providers and related persons. Please note that the websites of other persons to which Individuals access when linking to the Site have their own privacy policies and the Company assumes no responsibility for these privacy policies. It is recommended that Individuals read the privacy policies of these other websites before providing any of their personal information.
8.5 Complaints of individuals regarding improper or illegal processing of Personal Data are investigated by the State Data Protection Inspectorate, registered office address A. Juozapavičiaus str. 6, LT-09310 Vilnius, www.ada.lt

9. POLICY CHANGES 9.1 Any changes to this Policy will be reflected in this Policy and, where applicable, will be notified to Individuals by email.
10.1. Individual questions, comments and requests regarding the Policy should be sent to the e-mail address info@akrolita.lt