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Rules for purchasing products in the online store
1. General provisions.
1.1. These Terms of Purchase (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), upon approval by the Buyer (after reading the Rules and checking the box “I have read and agree to the Rules”), are a binding legal document setting out the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller. , the conditions of purchase and payment for the products, the procedure of delivery and return of the goods, the liability of the parties and other provisions related to the purchase and sale of goods in the online store.
1.2. The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules. The Buyer will be required to re-approve the Rules at each login to the Site.
1.3. The online store sells only under the conditions specified in the “Delivery” section.
1.4. All active natural and legal pupil have the right to buy in the store.
2. Protection of personal data.
2.1. has the right to collect personal data provided by the Buyer to and disclose them to third parties if it is necessary for the execution of the order.
The Buyer’s data may be used for information only with the Buyer’s consent (after reading the Rules and checking the box “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions”).
The buyer has the right to prohibit the collection and processing of his personal data at any time, except in cases when it is necessary for the fulfillment of the requirements arising from the sales contract or the fulfillment of the order.
The seller undertakes to protect the data of the buyer of the online store from third parties.
3. Validity of the purchase-sale agreement.
3.1. The agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer forms a shopping cart and pays for it.
4. Buyer’s rights.
4.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase goods in the online store in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules.
4.2. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale of goods concluded with the online store by notifying the Seller in writing (by e-mail, indicating the desired return of the goods no later than 10 (ten) working days from the date of delivery). non-compliant products).
4.3. The Buyer may exercise the provided right only if the product has not been damaged or its appearance has not substantially changed, nor has it been used.
5. Obligations of the Buyer.
5.1. The Buyer must accept the goods in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules and pay the agreed amount for them.
5.2. If the data provided by the Buyer in the registration form changes, he must update them immediately.
5.3. By using the online store, the Buyer undertakes to comply with these Rules and not to violate the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
5.4. If the Buyer refuses to accept the products during the delivery of the products without important reasons, the Buyer must cover the costs of delivery and return of the products.
6. Seller’s Rights.
6.1. In case of significant circumstances, the Seller may temporarily, or permanently terminate the operation of the online store without notifying the Buyer in advance.
6.2. The Seller has the right to cancel his order without notifying the Buyer in advance, if the Buyer, having chosen the non-cash payment methods, does not pay for the products within 5 (five) business days.
6.3. has the right to withdraw from the concluded sales contract if the stock of the products specified in the contract has run out.
7. Obligations of the Seller.
7.1. The Seller undertakes to provide the Buyer with the opportunity to use the services provided by the online store under the conditions set forth in these Rules and the online store.
7.2. The Seller undertakes to deliver the products ordered by the Buyer to the address specified by him and under the conditions specified in these Rules.
7.3. The Seller, due to important circumstances unable to deliver the ordered products to the Buyer, undertakes to return the money paid to the Buyer within 3 (three) working days, if the advance payment has been made.
7.4. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer’s right to privacy to his personal information specified in the online store registration form, except for the cases established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
8. Product prices and payment procedure.
8.1. Product prices in the online store and in the formed order are indicated in euros with VAT. reserves the right to change product prices.
8.2. Paid by bank transfer is a prepayment when the Buyer, after printing the order and going to the nearest bank branch, or simply using the online banking system, transfers the money to one of bank accounts.
9. Product delivery
9.1. The Seller undertakes to deliver the products to the Buyer within the terms specified in the product descriptions. At the same time, the Buyer agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of products might be delayed due to force majeure circumstances.
9.2. When ordering products, the buyer undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the products.
9.3. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In case he cannot accept the goods himself and the products are delivered to the specified address and on the basis of other data provided by the Buyer, the Buyer has no right to make claims to the Seller regarding delivery of the products to the wrong entity.
9.4. The delivery fee and more detailed information related to the delivery of products are provided in the “Delivery” section of the online store.
9.5. In the event that the Buyer withdraws from the sales contract in accordance with these Rules, he shall be obliged to pay all direct costs of returning the products to the Seller. The amount of these costs of the Seller shall be deducted from the money paid to the Buyer for the product.
9.6. If it is not possible to deliver the ordered products in one shipment, then has the right to deliver the products in several shipments.
9.7. In all cases, the Seller is released from liability for violation of product delivery deadlines, if the products are not delivered to the Buyer or are not delivered on time due to the Buyer’s fault or due to circumstances beyond the Buyer’s control.
10. Quality and suitability for use of the goods.
10.1. When returning a defective product, the return costs are covered by the Seller.
10.2. All goods sold on are new (unless the product is marked in the purchase box as defective, has lost its commercial appearance, etc.) and are stored in quality storage facilities. However, a product shall not be considered to be of poor quality if minor damage to the packaging or transport can be observed on it.
10.3. Notify immediately by e-mail about received low-quality goods. email
11. Return and exchange of products
11.1. Inform the Seller about the return of the goods immediately by e-mail. E-mail, indicating the VAT invoice number of your purchase of goods and the note “Returned goods” in the “Subject” line of the letter. Indicate the name of the product in the letter and briefly describe the reason for returning the product. Quality goods must be returned in exactly the condition you received – in the original packaging, undamaged, unused and without losing their commercial appearance.
11.2. If low-quality goods are returned (eg shredded patches of material, etc.), the shipping costs are paid by the Seller.
If quality goods are returned, the cost of the shipment is paid by the buyer. Upon receipt of the returned goods, the Seller will inform by a separate e-mail. and, as provided for in the European Union’s e-mail laws governing trade, will return the money to the Buyer to the specified account or replace the goods with another.
In case the Buyer’s shipment was subject to a transportation fee, the delivery costs will not be refunded.
11.3. The returned goods must be in the original neat packaging, undamaged by the buyer, without losing the appearance of the goods (undamaged labels, peeled protective films, etc. (this item does not apply in case of return of defective goods), necessarily the same set as received approval.
11.4. The Seller has the right not to accept the products returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not follow the procedure for returning the products set out in this Article.
12. Liability.
12.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the registration form. If the Buyer does not provide accurate data in the registration form, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences.
12.2. The buyer is responsible for the actions taken using this online store.
12.3. The Seller is released from any liability in cases where the loss arises due to the fact that the Buyer, despite the Seller’s recommendations and its obligations, did not read these Rules, even though he was given such an opportunity.
13. Exchange of information.
13.1. The Seller sends all notifications to the e-mail address provided in the Buyer’s registration form.
13.2. The Buyer shall send all notices and questions by the means of communication specified in the “Contacts” section of the Seller’s online store.
14. Final provisions.
14.1. The law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the relations arising on the basis of these rules.
14.2. Any disagreement arising from the implementation of these rules shall be settled by negotiation. If no agreement is reached, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.